Wednesday, 25 April 2012

365 Reasons To Be Proud To Be British: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

April 25th 1769: The Royal Academy's first Summer Exhibition opens in a Pall Mall warehouse.

Something really tickles me about the RA's Summer Exhibition. Maybe it's that anyone can enter; stump up a £25 quid entrance fee and your work could adorn the walls alongside the great and the good and the painting-by-numbers of British art. A great way of getting your name noticed, getting your work sold for a fair commission, being part of such a celebration.

Your prints or photos or etchings or sculpture sharing space with the likes of Hockney, Gormley or Wearing.

Maybe I like it because of the planned-to-look-random nature of how canvasses seem spread eclectically; ordered clutter, organised chaos.

Maybe one day, maybe this year, I'll go take a look and be tempted to buy. Maybe one day, maybe next year, I'll find the courage of my convictions and enter.

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