Monday, 9 April 2012

Back in the room

The last fifteen months have been fairly difficult for me. Working for a private sector company delivering public sector contracts, the squeeze on the business began to feel like a slow strangle. Redundancy dates staggered forward under the hope of new contracts coming through. Although it soon became apparent that the Coalition's strategy for business support weren't aligned with my employers'.

I'd applied for jobs off and on. Cube jobs. Where I'd be no more than the digestive system of a data monster. I've had the frustration of not even getting an acknowledgement for positions that I know I'd be great at. The condescension of recruitment consultants who could barely understand the job specifications they were reading out. The interviews where I soon realise that if I'm from Mars, the panel are from Venus and then a few more galaxies to the left.

Last week, I was finally made redundant. And then offered a new job on the same day.

Having spent so long feeling like I've been in the mental equivalent of a treacle bucket, every project shoved on backburners until they caramelised, blundering through the days without really knowing where I'm going, I feel like I'm back in the room.

I start my new job in two weeks. So it's time for a new hairstyle and specs, some contemplative days out walking, some boisterous days brewing and drinking and a little more love shown to this blog.

You know that thing you want? You can't hope to have it until you convince yourself that it can be yours.

And that's all the cod-philosophy you'll see from me. Honest.

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