Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Salami club?

I love salami. Which means I love to buy the best I can get my hands on. Here in Derby, the Krakus deli on the Guildhall market has some superb salami (and mortadella to die for).

But if I run out during the week, the best I can manage is a trip to Sainsbury's or Asda. It's quite literally not the same.

What I'd really love to do is find someone who runs a 'salami of the month' club - like you'd get with wine. Maybe three different salami each month. Different producers, made to different recipes, experiment with them in different dishes.

Another kooky idea? Or is someone already doing this and I haven't heard? Can I persuade a deli to set up such a scheme? I'm all too willing to be a guinea pig and charcuterie consultant.

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Nice-looking new shiny bloggy thing! :)

I have to admit, I love salami too, but despite the seemingly huge range, even in supermarkets, here in Germany, I tend to end up going for old reliables. I like the firmer sort, while many German salamis are a bit "flabby". Oh Matron! Well, a bit too soft and damp.

I think a salami taster club would be great, but I like eating it plain and simple, with some nice cheese and a beer. :)

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