Friday, 23 September 2011

Flavour Thesaurus: Oily Fish and Cumin

As I've spent gawd knows how long pouring over it, it's about time to actually make something either directly from or inspired by The Flavour Thesaurus

If you haven't come across the book yet, it's a stupendously great idea. Author Niki Segnit takes ninety-nine  popular ingredients and mixes them in both traditional and left-field ways. There are recipes but really it's a guider; more of a heads-up to the potential of bringing two ingredients together. 

It's Friday, so I went looking for fishy inspiration. Oily Fish and Cumin (page 84) takes tuna steak with ground cumin, cooked quickly, with shredded lettuce tossed in lime. The book has it stuffed into a taco with mango chutney; I plated it up with some pencil fries. Fish & chips with an Indian twist!

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