Friday, 28 September 2012

RIP Brain Selby: How Selectadisc made me a groovy fecker

Sad to hear that Brian Selby, the man behind Nottingham's legendary record shop Selectadisc, has passed away.

Along with the NME and John Peel, Selectadisc defined my musical education in the 1980s. I'd hear a band on Peel, see the advert in NME and then bunk off school to go buy the single from Selectadisc. That was from their Bridlesmith Gate shop; we'd then roll down to the Market Street store to nose around for import albums and pester the staff to play a couple.

But it was more than just a record shop. Billy Bragg and the Clash played gigs there. Bands playing at Rock City would have signing sessions there (even if Wayne Hussey from The Mission always seemed to be terminally pissed and never make it to one). The counter was crammed with fanzines like Blank Reception (which featured my first ever band interview with the Soupdragons. For younger readers, fanzines were like blogs only in black & white printed form).

Brian then opened up a club called The Garage and another Nottingham legend was born. Goth and punk downstairs, Graeme Park playing house upstairs; my Def Jam cherry got well and truly busted.

Meeting friends and strangers. Falling in and out of bands and love. Discovering new music. Chatroom and fan forum. In the days before t'internet, Selectadisc *was* social networking.

Cheers Brian. A generation of groovy fuckers are your legacy.

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