Friday, 21 September 2012

Mussel fritters

Finally, the first in what will no doubt prove to be an interminable series of almost-recipes.

The reason being, I tend to buy random stuff and then work out what the hell to do with it. My Twitter followers often pitch in with ideas, I Google a recipe, leave out the bits I haven't got / don't fancy and add in stuff that I like / happens to be in the fridge.

So this started out by buying a box of mussel meat because, uh, it looked interesting. Matt Clarke, the Kiwi-in-exile brewer at Hawkshead, suggested making fritters with it. Google threw me this recipe from what's become one of my favourite foodie sites, Fisher & Paykel.

I used just the cooked meat, left out the parsley and added a dab more chili. The batter then got slapped into a pan two spoonsful at a time and I spent a lazy afternoon making up the fritters as and when.

Got to say that I wasn't convinced by the look of the batter; it had the look of vomitus about it. But, damn, it was tasty.

Best served when: you can't really be arsed to cook and fancy snacking all afternoon.

Best served with: Matt's Lakeland Lager. Although I had Brewdog Punk IPA; robust flavour meets robust flavour.

What I'd do next time: take a photo. D'oh!

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