Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An Open Letter To All The Arseholes Behind The Wheel

To the driver of the Trent Barton Ilkeston Flyer, leaving Ilkeston at 1545 on Tuesday 5th June 2012 and almost ploughing into the back of a car outside Spondon about eight minutes later: the passengers could all see the car slowing, then indicating. You're paid to do much more. Including for having the responsibility for the passengers behind you.

To the driver of the small black car who ran through the red light in the middle of Spondon village as I was two steps off the pavement. Whatever you're on, it's no excuse. The next person on the next crossing may be someone you love. Who can't move that fast.

To the driver of the white Seat who lives down the road from me and decided to pull out from a side road on the left in front of another car before aiming himself into his driveway on the right, Whatever you're on, it's no excuse. If pedestrians had horns, I'd have honked like the car behind you did as well. All I could do was point out that you're an idiot. But you seemed to be in a place where you couldn't listen.

To the cyclist on the pavement who tore towards me and then took great, expletive-riddled objection to me standing my ground. No... FUCK YOU. I'm walking where I'm supposed to walk. You go cycle like a maniac on the streets where your family live. Without a helmet.

To all of you: you may not see the problem. I really, really hope you never see the consequences. See those headlines on the news where it's never you nor the people you love?

It wasn't you today. But someone keeps running out of luck. I don't want to be around when it's your turn.

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If there was a Like button, I would like this. Well said.

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