Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The incomplete A-Z of beer: A will be for...


Thanks to those who've already started answering my random questions on Twitter. 

To help me keep track, I've opened up a collaborative document; feel free to paste in links to pdfs, include useful diagrams or jot down your thoughts.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from brewers and scientists on the challenges of attenuation, how to control the rate, how to monitor variation, what the variation factors are etc. Have you brewed a beer that was over / under attenuated but it still worked out OK? What if you brew a style and deliberately over/under attenuate? 

The link is here:

I'll digest whatever I've harvested over the weekend and post soon after. Thanks in advance for helping me out; no, I'm not setting up a brewery. Just keen to learn and the best people to ask are those in the industry. I hope ;-)

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